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Whether you’re looking to improve your batting, develop your swing mechanics, or reduce bat vibration,
we have a solution for you.

Varo ARC Lineup
Varo COR Lineup
Varo RAP on Bat
VARO ARC | Details


Improve Your Batting, Barrel Speed, and Develop Swing Mechanics. Weight distribution to the end of the barrel, provides barrel feel through the zone.
Ages 8+ to Pro.
Small Fits: 2 1/4″ 
Regular Fits: 2 3/4″ & 2 5/8″
Softball Fits: 2 1/4″ 
12oz. Patented.
For Baseball & Softball

VARO COR | Details


Improve Your On-Deck Swings and Power, Cushion Fit Eliminates Abrasion on the Bat. Weight distribution over the middle of the barrel, provides a balanced, traditional feel. 
Ages 14+ to Pro.
Fits: 2 3/4″ & 2 5/8″ 

20oz & 24oz. Patented. 
For Baseball

VARO RAP | Details


Ultimate bat protection, extending the life of your bat, reducing vibration, and develops swing speed. Weight distribution optimizes moment of inertia during live hitting.
Ages 8+ to Pro.
Fits: One Size Fits All

4oz. Patented
For Baseball & Softball

Authentic Collection Batting Tools

On-deck tools that have the purpose and the look


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Looking for a way to keep a grip on your bat? Check out our Bat Stick Resin or our Silicone Bat Wrap!

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At the heart of Varo is the modern baseball and softball player. Our focus at Varo is designing new product concepts that are built against player insights and give our athletes a performance edge. We create new ways to help players of all ages train their swing on and off the field with our innovative bat training weights. From elite professionals to young athletes, we’re the brand increasing their performance at the plate.

Our Varo training weights are proudly designed and made in the USA.

Give us a swing. Feel the Varo difference. Enjoy the game.

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